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Emergency Dentists in Temple Terrace

We accept same-day emergency appointments. Call us today at (813) 440-3981.

Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (813) 440-3981

A dental emergency can create a great deal of discomfort. If an excruciating toothache has stopped you from participating in your favorite activities, you may need to visit our emergency dentists in Temple Terrace. Is oral pain or pressure is leading you to ask, “How can I receive emergency dental care near me?” Thankfully, the answer can be found with a simple phone call to our office.

Locate an Emergency Dentist

When oral pain is affecting your quality of life, you’ll likely ask, “How can I visit an emergency dental office near me?” Fortunately, the emergency dental care you require can be found at our dental facility. Our emergency dentists offer comprehensive care during normal business hours. Our dentists quickly determine the cause of your dental problem, provide pain relief, and prevent the issue from recurring. Don’t postpone treatment if you suspect the situation is urgent – give us a call to make an appointment for emergency treatment. One of our skilled emergency dentists will see you as quickly as possible.

What is Emergency Dental Treatment?

Typically, treatment that is needed to quickly relieve a patient’s oral pain or urgent dental problem is considered emergency dental care. At our practice, our skilled emergency dentists can replace broken tooth fillings, repair broken teeth, and more. Here are some of the emergency dental services you can receive at our modern dental office:

  • Treatment for oral pain and pressure caused by an injury or dental decay
  • Management of pain caused by broken orthodontic wires and brackets
  • Restoration for dislodged tooth fillings and crowns
  • Emergency repair and removal of severely damaged teeth
  • Oral infection treatment
  • Relief for wisdom tooth-related pain and mild swelling

When Emergency Dental Care is Critical

How do I know what constitutes a dental health emergency? When is it necessary to get in touch with an emergency dental office near me?

There are numerous dental conditions that can warrant an emergency dental visit. Give us a call to see one of our emergency dentists in Temple Terrace if any of the following occur:

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Sometimes, teeth become injured while playing sports or participating in other activities. If this occurs, call our office immediately to book an appointment. Prompt care of broken or fractured teeth is necessary in order to avoid infection.

Avulsed Teeth

An avulsed tooth is one that has been knocked out of its socket. Emergency dentists can sometimes repair knocked-out teeth if you receive care promptly. Be sure to gather as many tooth pieces as you can, keeping them clean with warm water.

Severe Oral Pain or Pressure

While it may be tempting to postpone treatment, ignoring severe toothache pain or pressure can lead to dental complications. Schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing oral pain, especially if you also have feelings of pressure.

Oral Sensitivity

While a mild case of tooth sensitivity may not be an emergency, a suddenly painful tooth is cause for concern. See an emergency dentist to rule out an infection or a fracture.


Cavities are large holes in the teeth that expose the tooth root, causing severe mouth pain. Our emergency dentists can alleviate your pain by administering the proper treatment.

Tooth Abscesses

When infection develops at a tooth’s root, it is known as an abscess. An abscessed tooth is extremely painful and can cause severe complications if left untreated. If you’re suffering from bad breath, swollen neck glands, or draining sores on your gums, call our office immediately to screen for a dental abscess.

Tooth Filling Complications

Tooth fillings can sometimes become loose or fall out completely, causing oral discomfort. Visit our emergency dental office for a replacement if you have lost or loose tooth fillings.

Problems with Crowns or Restorations

If you’ve lost a crown or restoration, you may be unhappy due to aesthetic issues with your smile. However, the problem is more than cosmetic – broken crowns or lost restorations leave the area prone to damage, so call our office immediately for urgent dental care.

Pain Caused by Orthodontics

Metal brackets and wires from braces can sometimes become unstable, irritating, or even cause injury to the gums. If you have orthodontic pain or injuries, call our office for pain relief and braces stabilization.

Broken-Down Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel that has been worn down by teeth grinding can become very painful. If your oral pain is due to nighttime bruxism, our emergency dentists can offer a night guard that protects your teeth.

Sinus Pressure

An impacted wisdom tooth or dental infection can affect your sinuses, causing feelings of pressure and pain. Call our emergency dental office for an evaluation if you experience a toothache and sinus pressure simultaneously.

Handling a Serious Dental Issue

My dental emergency appears to be very serious. When is it time to call 911 instead of looking for emergency dental care near me?

While our dentists can offer treatment and relief during regular office hours, some symptoms must be addressed immediately. Seek medical attention right away if you experience any of the following:

  • Severe blood loss
  • A blow to the face, teeth, head, or jaw
  • Extreme swelling around the face or gum line

What Will an Urgent Dental Care Visit Cost?

Our emergency dentists in Temple Terrace determine the cost of care based on several factors. The type of treatments or surgeries needed to relieve your pain and correct your dental health issues will factor into your total cost. At your dental appointment, your dentist will explain your anticipated costs and answer any questions you have about payment. Remember, emergency dental services can be obtained regardless of budget. We offer several payment options, including the DentRite® Discount Dental Plan. This simple to join savings program can help make the cost of emergency and routine care affordable. Give our office a call to learn more about our affordable emergency dental care.

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Barry S.
Affordable, clean, friendly and professional.
Julio S.
Everyone was friendly and Dr. Blackenburg is very informative and has great hands. I didn't feel a thing. I have scheduled my next appointments with […]
Claribel D.
My visit was actually pleasant. They're very caring about your comfort. The Dr. & her Tech treated me like we were friends.
Walter W.
I had a deep cleaning done for the first time ever and they did a great job. Very gentle and very informative.
Marisol L.
Very pleased with the service provided....
Karina C.
I was pleased with the effort to help calm my fears of dinistry. I was very aqpprahinsive about the procedure. I thank them very much.
Ollie H.
Dr. Herron is an excellent dentist, I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Margaret C.
Everyone in the office is unbelievably nice, from the doctors to the women at the front desk. They really care about the health of your teeth and […]
Jenessa H.
The doctors at Temple Terrace are very kind and considerate. They explained me every details that I want to know. They worked very carefully and […]
Yan W.
The experience was considerably less stressful than I imagined thanks to the professional staff - Thank you!
Donald F.
Very Friendly staff! Knowledgeable! Caring! Sharing, which we need during Christmas and any time one visits the dentist.
Walter W.
Very friendly dentist and staff.
Michael H.
Temple Terrace Advanced Dental Care is Excellent
Evelyne K.
My emergency was handled expeditiously and with alacrity. Different methodologies of treatment were discussed and my choice was implemented.
Michael P.
Everybody is very professional and caring in the office.I was always impressed with the services.
Antoaneta F.
Dr Herring very pleasant and comforting making my crown replacement painless.
Sharon L.
Quick and reliable
Athanasios T.
Very professional and clean. I highly recommend.
Daniel H.
Staff is so friendly and nice! Dr. Tucker Farrell is the best dentist I have ever had in my life. I also enjoyed interacting with the dental […]
Danielle L.
Each and every time I visit, my experience has been a pleasant one. Here, people are caring, respectful and very professional! Keep up the good work!
Veronica F.
The staff there is friendly and helpful there. The waiting time is short and the billing is very reasonable. Nice experience. I highly recommend this […]
Mei S.
Great Dentist.
Robert M.
Moises is a very thorough and professional hygienist
William J.
Loved my dental hygienist! Great improvement in service since my last visit
Jamilla C.
I needed a fast appointment for a broken crown. They accommodated me quickly and were on-time with appointment. Dr. Herron evaluated the problem and […]
Maryhele S.
my visit was good especially the doctor he was kind and courteous and the lady who took my tooth out she was so nice I was scared at first l I didn't […]
Tanisha B.
Staff is great. Everything went well.
Jeffery S.
A very warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff is always courteous and did a great job in easing my fears. I must have called the office a million […]
Telesia C.
Very friendly and professional service.
David A.
The doctors and nurses here are very kind and patient to answer all my questions! I hope I could get help from them in future for my dental treatment.
Yan W.
Very friendly staff. Highly recomend them.
David A.
its been great having my kids seen and the staff has been great with both my kids and has been calming to them knowning that they were scared some […]
Shaun C.
Short wait and professional and courteous care as always.
Judy A.
All of the visit was done in timely manner and was well done with no problem.
Sam F.
Will continue treatment and recommended services
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DR Tucker and Monica are excellent,very professional.Nice experience.
Antoaneta F.
Dr Herren has excellent patient manners. And, it didn't hurt!
Russell P.
Everyone is so nice and very professional.
Sandra P.
Great caring staff. Patient care is wonderful
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Another great dental experience. Considering I've had a tooth pulled (and it was a difficult extraction), and a deep cleaning in the last 2 weeks, […]
Robert H.
The staff is very nice and friendly and helpful. It makes a trip to the dentist less intimidating, especially for a young adult. Already recommended […]
Tanisha R.
Dr. Herron is a great dentist.
Chrystal S.
Great team work.
Hong G.
The office staff, nurses were wonderful to work with, took time to listen to you. Dr C. T. is great, she shows she cares about your welfare. Would […]
John R.
always great service, smiling staff ,on time, fine work and look who's smiling now.........
Cathy C.
I love Dr. Tucker. She is amazing!! Patient and mindful of what you want.
Teresa B.
Wonderful experience, always very professional and caring.
Rosemary P.
I was treated so well and Elaine and Andrea were wonderful!!!
Alana T.
Everyone at Advanced Dental is great! From the office to the hygienists to Dr. Huregita, the patient courtesy is excellent. No one is particularly […]
Sharon D.
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