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Crooked teeth, bite problems and gaps in your smile can ruin your self-confidence, but traditional metal braces make your problems even more obvious. Fortunately, you may have another option. Our dentists use Invisalign® to restore smiles and make orthodontic treatment less embarrassing.

Understanding Invisalign

The innovative Invisalign system is a better answer to the question of how to straighten teeth in a comfortable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing way. The treatment process involves wearing a series of custom-crafted, plastic aligner trays over your natural teeth. After wearing one set of Invisalign clear braces for about two weeks, you’ll exchange them for a new set. Over a period of months, the transparent braces move your teeth gently into their new position and eliminate spacing and rotation problems. Our Invisalign dentists utilize the system to correct a number of mild to moderate orthodontic problems in adults and teens. The best part of Invisalign treatment is that the aligners are virtually invisible; no one has to know that your smile is under construction.

Will Invisalign Fit Into My Budget?

Because Invisalign treatment cost is based on the extent of orthodontic correction that each patient needs, the final price can only be determined by qualified Invisalign dentists. Complex or severe problems may incur a higher Invisalign cost, but for many patients, Invisalign braces cost no more than traditional metal ones. If you have dental insurance, it may cover a significant portion of the Invisalign cost. To determine the extent of your Invisalign insurance coverage, check with your plan’s provider. Even without insurance, getting Invisalign in Temple Terrace doesn’t have to break the bank. Our practice offers affordable Invisalign payment plans and low-interest financing options to help you manage your Invisalign cost without straining your budget.

How Long Does It Take to Finish Invisalign Therapy?

Invisalign treatment time depends on how much correction is needed to achieve the desired results. The more your teeth need to be rotated or repositioned, the longer it will take. Our dentists can give you an estimate of your Invisalign length of treatment after a thorough orthodontic examination. In general, treatment times range between 10 months and two years; one year is the average treatment time for adults. In teens, the time frame varies. After successful completion of your treatment, you may be advised to wear Invisalign retainers for an extended time to maintain your new smile.

What Type of Dentist Offers Invisalign Dentistry?

A licensed orthodontist or general dentist can become an Invisalign dentist after completing a special training program. Our experienced Invisalign dentists are highly trained and qualified to use the Invisalign system to its full potential and help you get the great results you want in less time.

Invisalign vs Braces: Is Invisalign as Effective as Braces?

When considering the benefits of Invisalign vs braces, several factors are important. The Invisalign system is just as effective as braces in treating moderate alignment or spacing problems. However, severe orthodontic problems may respond faster and better to traditional braces. If efficacy is equal with both treatments, Invisalign offers extra benefits such as better aesthetic value and improved access to teeth during oral hygiene tasks, which can help improve overall dental health. If you’ve narrowed your choices to Invisalign vs braces, our experienced dentists can help you make the best final decision based on Invisalign cost, treatment time, and your personal needs.

Invisalign Benefits Are the Best

The benefits of braces can’t compare to what Invisalign offers. Here are the top perks that Invisalign wearers enjoy every day.

  • Office visits are reduced to every four to six weeks.
  • You get a perfect, straight smile without uncomfortable, embarrassing metal hardware.
  • Because you remove your aligners for eating and hygiene, you can eat whatever you want.
  • You can remove your trays without assistance at any time.

Can I Get Invisalign Aligners?

If you need mild or moderate orthodontic correction, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign. Aligners may not provide sufficient treatment for severe or extensive dental problems. Children’s orthodontic needs are more complex because their teeth and bones are still growing, so most Invisalign dentists recommend Invisalign for adults and teens only. To discover if invisible aligners are right for you, set up a consultation with one of our expert dentists today.

How Does Wearing Invisalign Aligners Affect Everyday Living?

Besides taking your aligners out before eating and brushing, there are no significant changes to your everyday activities. If you smoke, you should be aware that tobacco use may discolor your aligner trays.

How to Care for Your New Aligners

  • To clean your aligners, either use the manufacturer’s cleaning system or brush and rinse them in cool or slightly warm water. Don’t rinse them in hot water as this may damage them.
  • Avoid chewing gum while wearing your aligners; it will stick to the plastic.
  • If one of your trays becomes cracked, warped or otherwise damaged, contact us immediately for a replacement. A broken tray can’t do its job and will sabotage your progress.

If you’re ready to see a stunning new smile in the mirror, contact us today to learn more about getting Invisalign in Temple Terrace.

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DR Tucker and Monica are excellent,very professional.Nice experience.
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Very Friendly staff! Knowledgeable! Caring! Sharing, which we need during Christmas and any time one visits the dentist.
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I was pleased with the effort to help calm my fears of dinistry. I was very aqpprahinsive about the procedure. I thank them very much.
Ollie H.
my visit was good especially the doctor he was kind and courteous and the lady who took my tooth out she was so nice I was scared at first l I didn't […]
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Each and every time I visit, my experience has been a pleasant one. Here, people are caring, respectful and very professional! Keep up the good work!
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Everyone was friendly and Dr. Blackenburg is very informative and has great hands. I didn't feel a thing. I have scheduled my next appointments with […]
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Everyone in the office is unbelievably nice, from the doctors to the women at the front desk. They really care about the health of your teeth and […]
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Will continue treatment and recommended services
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I was treated so well and Elaine and Andrea were wonderful!!!
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Everybody is very professional and caring in the office.I was always impressed with the services.
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Dr. Herron is a great dentist.
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Another great dental experience. Considering I've had a tooth pulled (and it was a difficult extraction), and a deep cleaning in the last 2 weeks, […]
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Staff is great. Everything went well.
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Very friendly and professional service.
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My emergency was handled expeditiously and with alacrity. Different methodologies of treatment were discussed and my choice was implemented.
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Great caring staff. Patient care is wonderful
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Very professional and clean. I highly recommend.
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I had a deep cleaning done for the first time ever and they did a great job. Very gentle and very informative.
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My visit was actually pleasant. They're very caring about your comfort. The Dr. & her Tech treated me like we were friends.
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Dr. Herron is an excellent dentist, I would highly recommend her to anyone.
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The experience was considerably less stressful than I imagined thanks to the professional staff - Thank you!
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Everyone is so nice and very professional.
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Wonderful experience, always very professional and caring.
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Quick and reliable
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